Missing Redemption’s Song

If I stood before the throne would I hear “Well done.”?

Or would I fall, that my works were all rags in Your sight?

Did I, in confusion forget my first Love?

is Your face turned away from my soul’s dark night?

Have I raced for redemption in my own strength?

Have I sought Your forgiveness in vain?

Have You not saved me when I was a child?

 Am I missing the Savior I’ve known?

now to swim in the fire of lukewarm and mild

Have I wandered too far to come Home?

I want to be brave, I am cowardly

I need Your strength, I am weak

I am carnal. I focus so outwardly.

But know all the right words to speak

In traditions of man do I compromise,

yet form lists of laws from Your grace?

You could righteously judge me a hypocrite

and know not what to make of my faith.


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